Because of lack of specificity of most of therapeutic molecules towards their target sites in the body and therefore low potency and/or a great deal of side effects, people around the world are massively losing their faith towards modern medicine to such levels that we all witness that many cancer patients don't even consider any sort of modern medical treatment.

Nano Drug Delivery, established in 2002, is a specialized firm, in employing cutting-edge nanotechnology for developing products, aiming to eliminate the toxicity of especially those high risk drugs, by manipulating their particle surface/size physicochemical characteristics and pharmacokinetic parameters, which will modify biodistribution or bioavailability of the drug, and we work on all biologically active molecules: small and macromolecules.

In the past years, we have drawn upon the versatility and biocompatibility of nanoparticles, microemulsions, polymers and microspheres and used technologies to develop innovative delivery systems, made of safe molecules, with almost no intrinsic toxicity, which can remove the side effects almost completely and not only maximize the clinical efficacy of drugs already in use but also provide easier administration features for better patient compliance.


Mission Statement: a message from the CEO, Behzad Nili, PharmD/PhD

Our effort is not just limited to develop new “magic bullets” type of innovative products aimed to reduce side effects of both traditional and innovative drug molecules to almost none and increase their potency few folds, but we are also involved in working in a campaign with Physicians, Hospital Pharmacists, Diagnostic Professionals & Pharmaceutical Chemists in a peer review publication aimed to highlight and therefore prevent and/or contain risks, due to errors, negligence, complications and mistakes, in health systems, including hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, new molecules, homecare and clinics.

It’s long overdue” as Dr. Charles Mick, former president of the North American Spine Society, agreed with ProPublica’s findings. “Hopefully, it will be a step toward a culture where transparency and open discussion of mistakes, complications and errors will be the norm and not something that is cover up, often by hospitals” he added. Many health systems are supposed to protect patients from high-risk doctors, but numerous reports show that not only this is not the case, but also these systems often fail to identify problem performers. After all, We clinicians and scientists are paid to cure, not to create new diseases, damage, poison or even kill poor citizens.

We not only do not stifle from controversy of modern medicine, we welcome it. With this sincere agenda of defending and protecting the voiceless patients, side by side by Physicians, Hospital Pharmacists, Diagnostic Professionals & Pharmaceutical Chemists, in teamwork, we strive to raise our voice and break the status quo, so we can create an efficient medium, the kind that exposes cover ups and make transparency a norm. A transparency that would ultimately eliminate avoidable side effects (morbidity) or even death by negligence (mortality), as there is no room for error, when we deal with life and death. As John F. Kennedy quoted once from the Athenian law-maker:

"an error doesn't become a mistake, unless you refuse to correct it".

In few words we are like kids, talking truth without hesitation from anyone who wants to get offended, we are not quite “doctors without borders” but we are definitely “doctors and scientists with nothing taken for granted” even if it’s supported by some studies published in well accredited journals and funded by people with some sort of financial incentives, even if they could be the most known facts, written in all kinds of text books, from pharmacology to internal medicine, to books of psychology, we might still question them; there is no “unquestionable” for us.

We can confidently state that not only most of the current medications are not really curing, i.e. removing the cause, and rather symptomatically slow down the emergence of some kind of symptom, but also they are unsafe, since they cause new diseases, as what is know as “side effects” or “collateral damage”.

Due to such high risk medications, along with lack of knowledge of how to follow the protocols of drug administration and some negligence, there are some statistics that portrait non justifiable numbers of deaths; recent studies estimate that at least 200,000 patients a year die in American hospitals alone, from preventable errors and complications related to their care, which would make patient harm the nation’s third-leading cause of death. And those scary numbers do not include death of the drug itself, even when it’s administered properly.

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