Board of Editors:

Mauro Luisetto, PharmD/PhD Pharmacologist/Clinical Pharmacist

Professor Maryam Zakerinia, MD/PhD, Hematologist/Oncologist, Professor (Professor of internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, SUMS Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Founder & Director of Bone Marrow Transplant in Iran, Leading the Management of Hematological and Oncologic Problems of Chemical Warfare Victims at Fars Chemical Warfare Victims Center, Shiraz, Iran, 1984-now, Member of Iran Society of Hematology-Oncology, Iranian Society of Organ Transplantation & Fars Society of Internal Medicine)

Yousef Alomi, PharmD (General Director, Dep of Pharmaceutical Care, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, MOH)

Professor Seyed Mohammad Hossein Tabaei, PhD, Professor (Member & one of the Founders of R&D Lab at Nano Drug Delivery, +1(919) 617-NANO,, Former Dean of Medicinal & Natural Products Chemistry Research Center, SUMS, Shiraz Univ. of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy)

Professor Sarah Mousavi, PharmD, BCPS (Dep of Clin Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, IUMS, Isfahan Univ of Med Sci,, Board of Jour. of Pharmaceutical Care:

Professor Ghulam Rasool Mashori, PhD, Professor & Director (Peoples Univ of Med & Health Sci for Women, Nawabshah, Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, Islamabad, Previous: Ministry of Health, National Institute of Management: NIPA, WhatsApp: +92-313-532-5765)

Abdollah Gilani, MD, Surgeon (Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Professor Heba Nasser, PharmD, PhD, Assistant Professor (The German University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt)

Giuseppe Anzolini, PharmD (, +39 335 5652665, Strada Falletti, 1614100 Asti, PE, Italy)

Md Reyad-ul-Ferdous, Pharm MSc, Pharmaceutical Technol & Biopharmaceutics (Lecturer, Progoti Medical Inst, Dep. of Pharmacy)

Luca Cabianca, Biomedical Laboratory Doctor (Hospital-University Agency, City of Torino, Piemonte Region)

Behzad Nili, PharmD (Nano Drug Delivery, Chapel Hill, NC, USA)

Mahmaoud Shoshtari, MD (Molinette Hospital, Torino (TO), Italy & London UK) 

Kausar Khan, MPhil, Medical Geneticist & Author (Lecturer at Preston University, Google, Linkedin Publisher for Genetics, Microbiology & Business)


Clinicians Teamwork Contacts:

Founder: Mauro Luisetto, PharmD/PhD

Pharmacologist/Clinical Pharmacist at a Local Hospital, Piacenza, Italy


Via Stradella, 26, Piacenza, ER, Italy CAP 29121

Co-Founder & Publishing Director: Behzad Nili, PharmD

Nanotechnology R&D Scientist in Drug Delivery Systems, CEO of Nano Drug Delivery


Phone: +1 (919) 617-NANO (6266)

WhatsApp: +1 (310) 985-4999

Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA







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Board of Editors