We clinicians and scientists are paid to cure diseases, not to create new ones, damage, poison or even kill poor citizens.

Physicians, Hospital Pharmacists, Diagnostic Professionals & Pharmaceutical Chemists Bulletin (ISSN: 2381-4357), is a peer review publication aimed to highlight and therefore prevent or contain risks, due to errors, negligence, complications and mistakes, in health systems, including hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, new molecules, homecare and clinics.

It’s long overdue” as Dr. Charles Mick, former president of the North American Spine Society, agreed with ProPublica’s findings. “Hopefully, it will be a step toward a culture where transparency and open discussion of mistakes, complications and errors will be the norm and not something that is cover up, often by hospitals” he added. Many health systems are supposed to protect patients from high-risk doctors, but numerous reports show that not only this is not the case, but also these systems often fail to identify problem performers.

This journal is meant to create an efficient medium to make such transparency happen. We're planning to enrich contents for each article, by a Linkedin-based peer-review process, governed by Clinicians Teamwork: Physicians, Hospital Pharmacists, Diagnostic Professionals & Pharmaceutical Chemists all gathered in one forum.

Registered members, will have free of charge open access, where an interactive peer-review process occurs, between authors, editorial and non-editorial registered members.

The topics are aimed to create a health team, composed of pharmacists, physicians, diagnostic lab professionals, nurses, where the duties will be divided between them, in a manner to eliminate avoidable mistakes. As John F. Kennedy quoted once from the Athenian law-maker:

"an error doesn't become a mistake, unless you refuse to correct it".

There are some statistics that portrait non justifiable numbers of deaths; recent studies estimate that at least 200,000 patients a year die in American hospitals alone, from preventable errors and complications related to their care, which would make patient harm the nation’s third-leading cause of death.

We are also calling upon Pharmaceutical Chemists, Phamacologists, Toxicologists, Physiologists, Scientists and Academicians for recognizing the shortcomings behind the science of therapeutic remedies, such as pharmaceutical, nutreceutical & supplements products or any other factor that might cause symptoms, diseases, unleash cancer, etc.

Bottom line, despite other bodies, whose financial pocket may prevail people, in Clinicians Teamwork Bulletin, the efficiency in curing diseases and at the same time, the safety of patients comes first. We clinicians are paid to cure, not to poison or kill.

The era of making patients happy by relieving their symptoms is over. People are fed and tired of being set up for dangerous intoxications And they’re demanding for a revolution in modern medicine. They are seeking the entire truth not half truth.

They have lost their faith in modern medicine and above 90% of them are seeking natural remedies, they are going back to ancient Chinese, Indian, Avicenna or Galenic medicine, where cure outweighs symptomatic treatment.

Helping Clinicians in Containing

Life Threatening Risk Factors


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