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Today's pharmaceutical industry faces a number of challenges. The right solutions for delivery systems can help extend the life of key products, improve the clinical efficacy of drugs and provide enhanced aesthetics for better patient compliance.


Nano Drug Delivery is a specialized partnership firm in employing cutting-edge nanotechnology to overcome bioavailability problems of biologically active molecules. In the past years, we have drawn upon the versatility and biocompatibility of nanoparticles, microemulsions, polymers and microspheres to develop innovative delivery systems.


Talk with us about products we’re working on, have already developed, or even about your formulation challenges, a desired application, a solution in any molecule delivery or targeting to certain biological sites to increase clinical results, eliminate side effects or enhance the bioavailibility.


We can design, develop and manufacture, adequate delivery systems, if your molecule is suffering from low absorption, fast degradation, inadequate distribution, or have difficulty in crossing certain barriers, “such as blood brain barrier, corneal barrier in eye, or skin”, limitations in using sufficient therapeutic doses, due to high toxicity of the molecule, or any other targeting, release, or delivery challenges. We can also resolve your needs in formulating prolonged or extended release dosage forms, where the blood level peaks and valleys of a drug molecule can be eliminated, the frequency of administration reduced, (in other words, the drug is taken with fewer dosage intervals, and with higher therapeutic index, meaning: more healing, less side effects). On a market level, the price of a product can be multiplied 2-3 folds (and in some cases 10 times), by making them more patient-friendly, easier to administer, less toxic (if not eliminating all the side effects) and making a huge difference on the side of clinical results.

Nano Drug Delivery will work with you on a complete pipeline package deal: a delivery solution, design, develop, and manufacture with appropriate and beautifully designed packages with excellent product solution that can perfectly match and meet your needs.

The quality of our work, stems from our high expertise in:
A) Designing particles with different size ranges

B) Capability to control and program drug release, with different modalities:

Zero-order kinetics

Release in several time-stages

Release in several speed ranges

C) Resolving encapsulation problems for certain difficult molecules

D) Working with nano delivery systems which they are very bio-friendly and have compatibility with human organism.


This opens our hands and made possible to design and develop solutions for numerous administration routes.



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